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Abort Cover Reveal!

Friday, March 12, 2021

Abort Cover.jpg

Abort Cover

Cover Reveal checklist

  1. Select an image and download the files.

  2. Prepare an Instagram post (and/or story) containing:

    • A picture of the cover

    • Either the long or short synopsis (see below)

    • An announcement of the preorder that directs people to my website or my Instagram page (see Preorder link).

    • The release date, May 25, 2021.

    • Anything else you want!

  3. Post the picture and/or story on Friday, March 12 after 3:00 pm EST or at your normal posting time.

Preorder link:

Long Synopsis

It’s easy to tell when someone is dead, but what makes them alive? Is it the memories they keep, or the pain they feel, or the love they share? For Cecilio, the first colony of Proxima B, the answer could bring prosperity or crack the very foundations of society.


After a five-year leave of absence, Commander Mason Wyatt is sent to an antique starship with the chance to earn back his rank and bury his past. All he must do is uphold the answer: life is what Cecilio says it is. But as the starship nears Proxima B, Mason’s past boils to the surface and Cecilio’s answer begins to unravel.

Short Synopsis

It’s easy to tell when someone is dead, but what makes them alive? For Commander Mason Wyatt, all he must do is uphold the answer of Cecilio’s high court. But as his mission unfolds, it all begins to unravel.

Here's what the pictures look like in the download file

Standing mockup png.png

Here we have a PNG file with the book mockup, shadow, and a transparent background. This file can be layered into your own images

abort post-02.jpeg
Preorder thing.jpg

Here we have the standard promotional image. Good for Instagram posts or stories or both!

Abort post 2-01.jpeg

Here we have two Bookstagramish images in case you don't want/have the time to have to design your own!

Thank you all so much for your help, I truly appreciate it!

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